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Multi-Camera Interface Firmware Updates

The firmware updates below are ONLY for our Multi-Camera systems.  The following firmware is not interchangeable please be sure you click the correct link for your product part number.

S2H001A-Y02E     (GM I0B, Vehicles with the factory 7″ screen)

S2H002A-Y02E     (GM I05/I06, Vehicles with the factory 8″ screen)

S2H003A-Y02E     (Ford SYNC 3, Vehicles with the factory 8″ screen)

To Update the firmware:

  1. Plug a USB into your computer and format it to be sure it is empty
  2. Click the appropriate link above for your system
    • *For the S2H001A-Y02E be sure to select the correct vehicle year folder after clicking the link. 
  3. Select Download -> Direct Download and the ZIP File will download to your computer download folder
  4. Using your file manager on your computer access the zip file in your downloads, unzip the file and open the folder.
  5. Copy the following 3 files to the root of the USB
    • EDID.bin
    • mcu.hex
    • t123.bin
  6. After copying the 3 files to the root of the USB go to the vehicle and gain access to the interface.
  7. Turn the vehicle on and plug the USB into the USB input located on the side of the interface.
  8. Activate the interfaces menu.
    1. For GM – Double click the home button
    2. For Ford – Press and hold the speak button on the steering wheel controls
  9. Once in the interfaces menu page go to settings and select “System Rest”
  10. The interface will cycle off and begin to run the update.  The update should take roughly 8 minutes.  If you USB is equipped with a light you will notice a pattern of flashes.
    1. Upon pressing reset it will flash rapidly, then stay solid for about 30 seconds, and then start to flash rapidly again.  It will flash rapidly for the 8 minutes of updating and then will turn on solid once finished.
  11. After the update is finished running remove the USB from the interface.  Wait 20 seconds and then test the systems functions.

**Failure to run the update correctly or using the incorrect link could result in complete product failure.  Take caution when updating.

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