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We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of new tech development in the 12-volt industry, so as we continue to develop our lineup of high-end radios, we wanted to accompany those with high-quality audio. Enter our DSP Amplifiers. Each of our amps has a built-in DSP that is controlled via an app on your phone, tablet, or Generation 5 or newer T-Style Radio.  The app will allow to access features like an EQ that is adjustable per channel, channel gain control, phase control, input routing, and hi and lo pass filters per channel.  All with 5 savable presets that you can change through simply my selecting.  These amps also have Bluetooth streaming capabilities so you can use your phone or tablet as the audio source connected simply by Bluetooth.  We offer these amps in a 4-channel, a 5-channel, and a big 10-channel.

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