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LinksWell Officially Introduces T-Style Multimedia Line

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CALIF., November 28, 2017 (MEDIAWIRE) –LinksWell, producer of intuitive safety and convenience enhancements for drivers, displayed its new line of T-Style multimedia centers for select Ford, Dodge and Toyota trucks as well as the newer Ford Mustang, at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in November. Attendees got hands-on experience at the AE Distributing booth, which recently signed on to represent LinksWell in its territory. Today, LinksWell announced that all models are in production and will ship in December.

The models fit the 2014-2017 Ram, 2015-2017 Ford F-150 (separate SKUs for factory 4-inch or 8-inch screen), 2015-2017 Ford Mustang and 2014-2017 Toyota Tundra. The MSRP for each model is $1,995.00.

“We initially showed a couple of models at the MEA KnowledgeFest show in Dallas this past August, and were really pleased with the attention they got from specialty retailers,” said Walt Detlefsen, national sales manager for LinksWell. “Our additional strong SEMA showing indicates there is significant demand, and we are pleased to officially introduce the line to the industry.”

The T-Style multimedia center replaces the factory display screen and climate control center in select vehicles, enhancing the dash with a 12.1-inch, multi-touch panel encased in a factory-match bezel. The climate controls are recreated on-screen, allowing the driver to access all related features. Drivers can also view vehicle speed and RPM on the display thanks to connectivity with the vehicle data bus.

The Android™-powered multimedia center is optimized to display relevant information with minimal distraction. The top menu slides to showcase 14 icons of the most-used features. On-board iGo® navigation provides turn-by-turn instructions and mapping without an Internet connection. In addition to using the T-Style’s built-in AM/FM tuner, drivers can utilize the factory USB port to connect smartphones, and an additional USB connector for flash media. Bluetooth® connectivity enables handsfree phone calls and wireless music streaming.

By connecting the T-Style to a mobile or smartphone Wi-Fi hotspot, users can access the Internet through a browser that displays full web pages with multiple tabs and search capability. They can also use their subscription-based streaming services — Pandora® Internet Radio, SiriusXM® Satellite radio, Spotify® and more — by downloading the Android-compatible apps onto the unit’s 32GB of internal storage. In addition, drivers can use Internet-based navigation apps like Google Maps and Waze, and even program the default navigation icon to access these apps directly.

For safety, the T-Style has three dedicated camera inputs for front, rear and passenger-side views. Each activates automatically when the vehicle moves below 10 miles per hour, the vehicle shifts into reverse gear, or the right turn signal is applied, respectively. Phone Link lets drivers safely view their smartphone screens on the T-Style display with either a Wi-Fi Direct connection (iPhone® and Android) or USB (Android only.) And the DVR input enables live, continuous viewing of an additional camera to monitor back-seat infants or trailer contents.

“LinksWell fits our profile of carrying specialty lines,” said John Haynes, general manager of AE Distributing. “We were pleased with their show traffic, not only from mobile electronics retailers, but from up-fitters and expeditors. More products like the T-Style and their camera and navigation add-ons will make LinksWell an important partner for expanding our business.”

For more information, contact Walt Detlefsen at (909) 375-0633 or [email protected].

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Backed by more than 25 years of automotive electronics engineering, LinksWell delivers in-vehicle safety, entertainment and integration products that feel and function like factory-installed components. Our goal is to enhance the driving experience with seamless solutions that add to the existing complement of driver features. LinksWell is a subsidiary of Sintegrate, a worldwide manufacturer of OEM Integration components with facilities in China, Europe and the U.S. Sintegrate engineers, develops and builds products in-house with a dedicated team of data bus hardware and software personnel. LinksWell’s offices and shipping origin are headquartered in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Contact us at (909) 375-0633 or [email protected]

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