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LinksWell Company & General Product Questions

Below are some of the most common questions we receive about our company and our products.

A T-Style Radio is the name we’ve given to vertical screens to go in your vehicle’s dashboard. It’ll usually take up the spot of the factory screen and the climate control, giving you touchscreen climate controls.

An IQ Radio is a smarter platform that’s one step above your standard Double Din unit. You can purchase a radio, varying form a 9″ all the way up to a (planned) 13.3″ screen for your vehicle, and then purchase the appropriate dash kit and wiring for a plug-and-play install into hundreds of vehicles.

LinksWell is based in the proud USA, particularly in Riverside, California. We do all of our development, testing, and software design work based out of this headquarters.

We actually make our radios in China, as seen by the “Made in China” label on the sticker/model number. Our parent company, Sintegrate, has their factory in China.

Actually, no. There are a few different factories in China that all make similar products, however the Linkswell factory is entirely separate from other companies. Both Hardware, and Software.

To purchase our Products, check the “Find a Retailer” tab on our website for a Local Retailer. Alternatively, we do have some online retailers. ADCMobile, F’N’A’ Automotive, WebTronx, OffRoadAlliance, etc…

If you are a retailer/reseller of our products, contact [email protected] for your pricing information and price sheets. If you are a customer looking to buy a radio for your vehicle, LinksWell can only give out MSRP, or recommended retail pricing. Contact us at our phone number, or Livechat on the bottom right of the website, or any LinksWell retailer for pricing.

To become a LinksWell dealer/retailer, fill out the “Become a Partner” form on our website. If you already have filled out that form, and nobody has contacted you after 24-48 hours, please give us a Call and ask for Walt, or email [email protected].

Of course! All LinksWell warranty information can be found here: Our standard is a 1-year Limited Warranty.

For updates and software information, check out the “Support” page on our website.

The Generation IV radios have better hardware internally than Generation II/III. The GEN IV Radios have a faster processor, allowing for a much faster bootup time and a snappier experience. The Gen IV Radio’s speed feels as fast as a phone, rather than a Radio’s typical slowness. The Generation IV Radio has a better amplifier, meaning you’ll get much better audio quality, and higher quality RCA output signals for improved aftermarket audio systems. Generation IV is also running Android 8 for better App support, and has HDMI input/output. Generation IV radios also have more software updates available, and overall newer software.

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