S2H001A-Y02E Multi-Camera Interface for GM 7-Inch Display MyLink Systems

Feature and control up to six cameras on IOB GM MyLink  systems equipped with 7-inch touch screens.

Model Number: S2H001A-Y01E

Product Description

The S2H001A-Y01E Multi-Camera Interface delivers maximum visibility from vehicles equipped with GM MyLink systems. The factory 7-inch display can switch between the factory camera and five additional cameras. The interface is compatible with IOB model factory radios.


Six A/V inputs: Connect additional cameras or A/V sources to view on the front touch screen

Phone Screen view via HDMI: Display the screen of a connected smartphone on the factory radio display (view only; functions must be performed from the smartphone)

Video in Motion: Drivers can keep an eye on select camera views to monitor blind spots, rear-seat infants or slow-moving traffic

Guide Lines on Rear Camera View: The factory or aftermarket rear camera view is enhanced with helpful guides to aid in measuring distance while backing up

Plug-and Play Installation; No Dealership Programming Necessary: Factory-matched harnesses connect directly and securely to the OEM system. Additional features function instantly when the system is powered up after installation

Retains All Factory Features and Functions: If equipped from the factory, vehicle features such as HD Radio(r), SiriusXM, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth handsfree and audio streaming, Pandora Internet Radio control, OnStar, voice-activate control and auxiliary / USB ports are retained and function normally

High-Definition LVDS Input: Low-Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) format is the same as factory systems, resulting in premium digital quality

Identical Icons and Touch Control: All icons and functions look and perform identically to the factory system

Quickly switch between Factory and LinksWell Interface: Press a single on-screen arrow to select between the original interface and the enhanced LinksWell interface


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