2014-2021 Toyota Tundra T-Style Radio Compatibility Questions

Below are some of the most common questions we receive about compatibility between our T-Style radio and your Tundra truck.

  • What year Tundra trucks will your T-Style radios work in?
    • Our GEN IV radio is made for 2014-2021 Toyota Tundra trucks. GEN II Radios only work for 2014-2019 Toyota Tundra trucks. The GEN IV radios come with a unique harness that is designed for 2020 Tundras with different wiring harnesses.

  • What features will I lose from my factory Radio?
    • We do not retain:
      • SiriusXM Satellite Radio
      • Factory Microphone

  • Will your Android radio work with my iPhone?
    • Yes. Our radio does run Android Apps and Android, however bluetooth and PhoneLink both still work seamlessly with your iPhone.

  • Will my Heated seats or cooled seats still work?
    • Yes, we support your heated/cooled seats.

  • Will my audio still sound as good as my factory radio?
    • Absolutely. Our radio outputs 4 x 45 Watt power to all speakers, giving you strong, quality audio.

  • Will I need any extra adapters to get the system working in my truck?
    • Your GEN IV radio will come with all harnesses/adapters needed for any 2014-2021 Toyota Tundra.

  • Will the T-Style radio retain my Steering Wheel Controls?
    • We do retain Steering Wheel Controls, all except the Voice Command button on the Steering Wheel. (Where you press it and can talk to the radio to have it do things for you)

  • Will the T-Style radio retain my Sirius XM Satellite Radio?
    • We do NOT retain SXM Satellite Radio at this time. We are working with SXM to get our radios Sirius XM Ready. As of now, you will only be able to stream XM via internet, either though your mobile phone, or on the radio itself.